Association of the Radio-Amateur Repeaters of the Dauphiné

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While waiting for their future translation, the brief following explanations will give you a flavour of its content.

The goal of this site is to advertise and present our activities as well as to describe our various repeaters.

This association was created in 1989. It mainly focuses on :

- The design, building and maintenance of the various repeaters in the Dauphiné Region, a part of the Alpes Mountains.

- The development of contacts between Hams

- The promotion and development of Radio communication techniques

- The support and help to local administrations and State agencies under exceptional circumstances

The various pages of this site deal with :

The basic operation scheme of a repeater is rapidly described in the "Relais Kasaco" section.

The locations of the various repeaters are spotted in the 'Relais où ça" section.

Our VHF and UHF repeaters are described in sections R2, RU13 and RU17.

The in-house developed repeater control card is featured in the "Logique du RU13" section.
Technical topics dealing with VHF, UHF and SHF can be found in the "Bidouilles" section.

A very useful technical support can be found in the "Datasheet" section for the implementation of modern components.

Finally, the "Infos", "Salons RA" and "Liens" sections show the life and activities of the ARRAD association and its links with the Ham-Radio world and events.

Translation by F6AZZ Patrick .

Here is the Team and the list of the members :




Christophe F1JKY


& webmaster



Jean-Claude F1TTW



Jean-Claude F1TTW



Olivier F5LGJ





Jean-Louis F5DOG




Liste des Membres :


F6HMK Patrick

Patrick F6HMK


Didier F6GNK



Patrick F6AZZ




Alexandre F5SFU







Eugène F4AIJ



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